People Who Were Very Unlucky

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  1. Kennedy Wronka

    Kennedy Wronka

    3 timer siden

    lia: the hole log came out me on the other tab: ay yo wtf

  2. 🌹aaron🌹


    6 timer siden

    **gets attacked by a chicken 🐔** ***Link enters the chat*** >:3

  3. Anthony DiDonato

    Anthony DiDonato

    8 timer siden

    Why can't you do a funny funny funny funny Dog video only we're dogs

  4. ItsA PersonOnTheinternet

    ItsA PersonOnTheinternet

    12 timer siden

    Hope they have some buff insurance.

  5. Aidyn Cruz

    Aidyn Cruz

    14 timer siden

    4:52 me and peppa bout to be swimminggggg lol

  6. Carlos Ayman

    Carlos Ayman

    14 timer siden

    2:38 tip: close youtube then open it and the ad will turn off

  7. Lilah Bohannon

    Lilah Bohannon

    16 timer siden


  8. lexi beanz

    lexi beanz

    17 timer siden

    Ur gay

  9. Mommaluvss3


    18 timer siden

    ArE YuOR PwAS oK

  10. Bugåbøø


    18 timer siden

    4:30: *Uhh well, uhm yeah that car was mine...? The small gray one- My boyfriend had just bought me it for my birthday- Uh yeah well now I have to save up for a new car.* 🕳👩‍🦯

  11. Aaron Wong

    Aaron Wong

    18 timer siden

    Stop shouting my ear hurts

  12. aubrey bosselait

    aubrey bosselait

    19 timer siden

    iv had a bag of chip for snack in elementary but there were NO chips! and the teacher thought i ate all of them but i didn't... i cried a lot that day lol.

  13. Hannah Brewer

    Hannah Brewer

    20 timer siden


  14. CarmelCherriesx


    20 timer siden

    Before I was expecting to have some delicious cheese puffs and I open the bag and there was literally nothing in there I was wondering why it didn’t feel like anything was in there (True story) NOT ANIMATED But seriously that’s a true story that happened to me

  15. Tawana Taylor

    Tawana Taylor

    21 time siden

    The cactuses that look fuzzy are the worst ones to touch,the needles are like microscopic🌵

  16. Windows Vista Home Premium

    Windows Vista Home Premium

    22 timer siden

    Aka me I hope you know luck isn’t a thing no offense tho.

  17. Lewan Yang

    Lewan Yang

    22 timer siden

    my chickens eat my food out of my hands tooooo

  18. Claire Koch

    Claire Koch

    23 timer siden

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. lps lizzie

    lps lizzie

    23 timer siden

    I laughed so hard when thos kids fell in like peace I am not getting in trouble today bye✌😂

  20. Caite Playz

    Caite Playz

    23 timer siden

    Right before the pizza bit a dominos advert came up lol

  21. sophia acosta

    sophia acosta

    Dag siden

    I member and open the bag of chips in there was nothing inside

  22. Marii Varela

    Marii Varela

    Dag siden

    Ssniperwolf iam mad now

  23. Jessica D.V

    Jessica D.V

    Dag siden

    Her name is Lia

  24. dalton Krakovitz

    dalton Krakovitz

    Dag siden


  25. ɪɴᴅᴇᴘᴇɴᴅᴇɴᴛʀᴀɪɴʙᴏᴡs


    Dag siden


  26. ItsMehGirl


    Dag siden

    I love my new ability,which would be to share my thoughts with the world

  27. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    Dag siden

    1:07 The Rubik’s cube chillin be like: bro tf?

  28. Caitlyn Hoibraten

    Caitlyn Hoibraten

    Dag siden

    U should do more scary text messages

  29. Tia is a Couch potato

    Tia is a Couch potato

    Dag siden

    Hey lia I want TO SAY THE TRAMPOLINE TT WAS A Transition

  30. adorbs•


    Dag siden

    Idk why i laughed at every single clip 😭😂😂

  31. Katie Longhurst

    Katie Longhurst

    Dag siden

    5:33 i was eating my dinner and i felt a hard crunch in me spaghetti 🤮

    • mikea hiooi

      mikea hiooi

      Dag siden

      when the guy was chased by a chicken and what happend to is his\her shirt??!?!

  32. Natasha L

    Natasha L

    Dag siden

    I was eating a taco outside and one of my chickens just took it from me

  33. Emmalyn Pineda

    Emmalyn Pineda

    Dag siden


  34. Jaden Lorenzo

    Jaden Lorenzo

    Dag siden

    Bich this for eating KFC 0:39

  35. Toko Fukawa

    Toko Fukawa

    Dag siden

    Lia really trying to show her nails off

  36. Cady Rose

    Cady Rose

    Dag siden

    You see, I really like lia! She’s very funny and pretty But the thing is I can’t watch her too much because she reminds me of when my mom and sister are screaming 🌚

  37. The Lego life

    The Lego life

    Dag siden

    Her face just uhhhhhhhhh

  38. ꧁ocean_shine꧂


    Dag siden

    4:08 at this point I don’t even feel bad....I feel like it’s just her low 20% IQ

  39. Train Harknet

    Train Harknet

    Dag siden

    I'm BATMAN and I want my right shoe back

  40. Madelyn OOF

    Madelyn OOF

    Dag siden

    the run-away trailer tho

  41. Raylynn Hooper

    Raylynn Hooper

    Dag siden


  42. Dorothy Rodriguez

    Dorothy Rodriguez

    Dag siden

    If you get an ad like that just click off the video then click back on it and then it will be fixed

  43. Gabriella's Channel

    Gabriella's Channel

    Dag siden


  44. vote blue

    vote blue

    Dag siden

    Chickens are assholes. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

  45. Julian Miguel Pepito

    Julian Miguel Pepito

    Dag siden

    when the guy was chased by a chicken and what happend to is his\her shirt??!?!

  46. Ena Ahmetasevic

    Ena Ahmetasevic

    Dag siden

    1:56 when I was younger my brother got a Nintendo and it got dirty so I... I washed it for him....

  47. William Blake

    William Blake

    Dag siden

    1:53 It was the moment. She knew she was fucked up

  48. Alex Toly

    Alex Toly

    Dag siden

    What earrings are you wearing

  49. Brad Henen

    Brad Henen

    Dag siden

    Once I liked my self in my face and I still have a small part of the bruse

  50. Mimiシ


    Dag siden

    3:13 anybody noticed that she was wearing paper clips for her earrings

  51. Spring rap music

    Spring rap music

    Dag siden

    The pants stuck in the swing has happend to me to

  52. Hannah Enriquez

    Hannah Enriquez

    Dag siden

    2:15, did anyone see that one of the kids flushed the phone down the toilet?!

  53. Yesha Goyal

    Yesha Goyal

    2 dager siden

    4:01 you showed the shitty word

  54. dolita windo

    dolita windo

    2 dager siden

    1:07 The Rubik’s cube chillin be like: bro tf?

  55. Bill Bilal

    Bill Bilal

    2 dager siden

    0:30 I think who made this chips was hungry 😅

  56. Moon Gaming

    Moon Gaming

    2 dager siden

    The chicken thing is like in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

  57. Charliese Mitchel

    Charliese Mitchel

    2 dager siden

    Wasn’t really a good time

  58. Cat Leo

    Cat Leo

    2 dager siden

    People that are seeing this comment you are glorious and deserve good things

    • dolita windo

      dolita windo

      2 dager siden


  59. Annie 97

    Annie 97

    2 dager siden

    Ok so we just ignoring the paint in the hair got it 👍

  60. toad bot

    toad bot

    2 dager siden

    It's so American Bison not a buffalo

  61. Kieth Charisse Betarmos

    Kieth Charisse Betarmos

    2 dager siden

    Dang, that guy with a stuck wax was handsome😂 and his name was kyle thomas😂

  62. Daigan Bledsoe

    Daigan Bledsoe

    2 dager siden

    2:38 all he had to do was close it and open it back up

  63. Yara Mansour

    Yara Mansour

    2 dager siden

    She is literarily my idolllll

  64. Divyaa


    2 dager siden

    I would've shown them my satan side...... As Levi once said pain is the best form of discipline.

  65. YieldingTv


    2 dager siden

    How do you even put chips in a bag

  66. girl1213


    2 dager siden

    That guy is going to the ER to get that wax removed cause that's now a choking hazard.

  67. Kaliko


    2 dager siden

    3:29 nO mOre laPtOp! Me: XD XD dies of laughter* I fell off my bed XD I CANT-

  68. Denise Sumners

    Denise Sumners

    2 dager siden

    I wach him

  69. Aubree Porter

    Aubree Porter

    2 dager siden


  70. Nevaeh Uzumaki

    Nevaeh Uzumaki

    2 dager siden

    I know when she said. straight to the orphanage was a joke but I just wanted to say that you should not go that far with a joke that stuff should not be said for humor and laughter because that stuff is just not something to joke around about

    • Nevaeh Uzumaki

      Nevaeh Uzumaki

      2 dager siden

      this for SSSniperWolf to see

  71. Deborah Chaney

    Deborah Chaney

    2 dager siden

    Umm I am using my grands phone I am your biggest fan

  72. BSbusters


    2 dager siden

    I must have been born under an unlucky star. You know I have filled out entry blanks for every single drawing in the supermarket for the last twelve years, and the only thing I ever won was a coupon for a small little jar of tomato paste. But they were out of tomato paste, and by the time they got more in, my coupon had expired. And now I have venereal disease.

  73. Shayla Freeman

    Shayla Freeman

    2 dager siden

    Lia please tell me you know there is a difference between a Buffalo and a Bison. We don’t have Buffalo in North America. ( well that made me feel better lmao🦬)

  74. Leo


    3 dager siden


  75. Greydawg Plays

    Greydawg Plays

    3 dager siden

    Jim last one I would kill myself

  76. DesiRae Keenum

    DesiRae Keenum

    3 dager siden

    Yeah the Buffalo today and Oklahoma I can tell you that because I was sitting in traffic in Wauchula

  77. iliana Adams

    iliana Adams

    3 dager siden

    That’s a bison 😌

  78. ItsMilkshake Gaming

    ItsMilkshake Gaming

    3 dager siden

    to get rid of the ad you have to go back then click again

  79. Mary abdulsamad

    Mary abdulsamad

    3 dager siden

    love 😘

  80. Emma Hicks

    Emma Hicks

    3 dager siden

    Well I have three guys and they dumb as heck

    • Emma Hicks

      Emma Hicks

      3 dager siden

      I’m just kiddding this ain’t true about the dumb thing the threee dudes real

  81. DeKu :P

    DeKu :P

    3 dager siden

    Somebody got a cactus hand;-; I saw my own self I saw a video in this video;-;

  82. P1nkDrink


    3 dager siden

    lia the chicken chasing the kid was because its a rooster, The kid got too close to a hen or the rooster.

  83. alida flus

    alida flus

    3 dager siden

    Imagine how many smiles lia put on peoples faces

  84. Underground Cucumber

    Underground Cucumber

    3 dager siden

    Above all separated my family once we got back together

    • Underground Cucumber

      Underground Cucumber

      3 dager siden

      I meant to say a buffalo separated my family

  85. Georgia Riddle

    Georgia Riddle

    3 dager siden

    Please be my friend I wish you were but I don’t know you in real life but hey friend

  86. Julian Ruiz

    Julian Ruiz

    3 dager siden

    I once had a little bite pack but it was empty

  87. Josiah Kushnerick

    Josiah Kushnerick

    3 dager siden

    I almost died laughing

    • Josiah Kushnerick

      Josiah Kushnerick

      2 dager siden

      @alida flus Sorry, but did she make you laugh and make it a good day?

    • alida flus

      alida flus

      3 dager siden

      🎶 I had a bad day.🎶

  88. Jyoti Gadhavi

    Jyoti Gadhavi

    3 dager siden

    Aka when your mom says let your casin move to your room and then when u are not hone he roans your gaming setup relatable

  89. GalaxycatloverUwU


    3 dager siden

    The same thing happened to me with a cactus TnT

  90. emma bryant

    emma bryant

    3 dager siden

    The zany popcorn surprisingly fit because study trivially watch round a obsolete jaguar. finicky, spicy burma

  91. Kitty superstar Kitty

    Kitty superstar Kitty

    3 dager siden

    But he died

  92. Kitty superstar Kitty

    Kitty superstar Kitty

    3 dager siden

    Win the chicken attack the kid that’s how my chicken attacked me

  93. Jennifer Ecker

    Jennifer Ecker

    3 dager siden

    Omgc cool

  94. Lexie DGrooms

    Lexie DGrooms

    3 dager siden

    My little sibling like your videos pure videos

  95. Anti-Bot Society

    Anti-Bot Society

    3 dager siden

    1:48 Electronics in the water? It’s great! Everyone loves that

  96. Arianna Strickland

    Arianna Strickland

    3 dager siden

    That is a bison lol

  97. Ella Peake

    Ella Peake

    3 dager siden

    She threw it forward

  98. Ella Peake

    Ella Peake

    3 dager siden


  99. Spider Zyph

    Spider Zyph

    3 dager siden

    Nerd, I got a 582 hour skippable ad, while I was sleeping

  100. Galaxy. That’s it.

    Galaxy. That’s it.

    3 dager siden

    🎶 I had a bad day.🎶